Products that contribute to healthy planting, without chemically damaging flowers and plants.

Sustainable technology that does not harm the planet and is 100% biodegradable.

We reuse palm fiber to create 100% organic and natural material.

The company was created with the objective of offering 100% ecological and natural products, in order to deliver to the customer, pieces in which he can trust that he is buying a product that, in addition to its quality, is helping to preserve the environment, since which are materials produced from renewable sources.
Biogreen’s history began in 2012 with the tree fern tree fern, a replacement for fern tree fern fiber, using vegetable fibers discarded in the production process of preserved palm heart. The company’s focus has always been on domestic and sustainable gardening.
Biogreen produces, in its factory located in Porto Belo, SC, several products that are intended for domestic or professional planting. Manufactured from vegetable fibers discarded in harvests and production processes, the items sold by the company are characterized by their organic production, which is good for the plants, for you and for the planet.

The Biogreen product line is composed of: Palm tree fern fiber, Biogreen Substrates and Vegetal Earth.

A 100% natural line intended for domestic or professional plant cultivation. Produced from vegetable fibers discarded in harvests and production processes, Biogreen products stand out for being sustainable and are proof that it is possible to preserve the environment through the use of ecologically correct solutions.


Palm tree fern

The ecologically correct substitute for the original tree fern fiber. This product allows plant roots to incorporate into their walls after their development. It is a tannin-free product that has a high water and nutrient absorption rate.

Vegetable Land​

Product designed to help planting in a 100% natural way. Vegetal Earth is free of tannins and other toxic materials, rich in nutrients, which allows for better plant development.

Substrato orquídeas e bromélias

Orchid and Bromeliad Substrates

A product designed to be 100% natural, aimed at planting orchids and bromeliads, this substrate is an ecological alternative for your plants, as it contributes to greater growth and nutrition of these species, in addition to taking care of your garden and the planet and being tannin free.

Substrate for all plants

This substrate was designed to be used in all plants. It has high water and nutrient absorption capacity and increases soil aeration, in addition to being a 100% natural, biodegradable and non-toxic product. It is free of tannins and is produced from recycled raw materials and renewable sources.

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