Biogreen wins international awards in the US

Awards took place during Tropical Plant International Expo 2022

By Rhenzo Nogueira – Biogreen

Rio de Janeiro, January 25, 2022 – Biogreen received two awards during the Tropical Plant International Expo Tampa 2022, in the United States this January. BioFink LLC represented Biosolvit at the fair, which specializes in displaying flower market products and related tropical items.

Xaxim de Palmeira, produced in Brazil from palm fibers discarded from the country’s crops, won the “Best New Product” and “TPIE Cool Product” awards. Visitors to the fair were able to see each of the products on display up close and then vote for those in each category. Tropical Plant International Expo Tampa is aimed precisely at products that are innovative in the field of gardening and with an increase in the search for more sustainable materials, Biogreen takes the lead with its pioneering spirit.

Barbara Fink, president of BioFink LLC, Biosolvit’s partner in the United States, pointed out that visitors sometimes said that palm tree fern “is the future of the country”, relating to the environmental issue. For Fink, “the product itself sells, it’s a wonderful success.”

Biosolvit’s CEO, Guilhermo Queiroz, emphasized the importance of these international awards for the brand: “This reinforces the innovation behind the product, the appeal that this product has with our customers and our desire to live in greater harmony with the environment.”

About Biosolvit

Brazilian Biotechnology Scale Up applied to the development of new materials. Founded in 2014, Biosolvit is the developer of the 100% natural oil and derivatives absorber, more efficient and economical than all market competitors, whose main feature is the possibility of recovering and reusing the absorbed material. Winner of more than a dozen awards for the best startup in Brazil and six international awards, Biosolvit stands out not only for its accelerated and sustained growth, but also for its research.

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