Spring 2021: Biogreen bets on 100% ecological products to flower the garden

With sustainable parts, the company reinforces its commitment to the environment

Wednesday, 25th 2021 – With spring closer and closer, flower shops start to receive consumers who look for different products every year, especially those that are ecologically correct, manufactured by the process known as green technology, a concept that seeks a sustainable production process, minimizing impacts in the environment.

Thinking about this market, which is more demanding every day, Biosolvit launched, in 2017, the Biogreen brand, which is focused on the industrialization of flora-preserving products based on green technology. These are items made from vegetable fibers that are discarded from other production processes.

Biogreen’s flagship tree fern tree fern fiber, which was developed to replace fern tree fern fern fiber, which was prohibited from being extracted because it is an endangered species. Unlike its competitors, the Biogreen Palm Tree Tree fern tree has a high rooting capacity, allowing the plants to have full adherence to its walls, increasing the capacity to receive nutrients, improving the conditions for development. Available in sizes PP, P, M, G and Half Moon, they are ideal for any garden, in addition to the heart version, as a gift for that special someone.

In addition to being natural and sustainable products, the Biogreen team also thought about the health of the plants themselves, since the pieces do not have tannin, a substance that inhibits root development, found in coconut or coconut itself.

For correct planting, Biogreen developed its own line. Terra Vegetal is the natural and ecological bet to nourish the plants. And, of course, Substrates, in their summers for all plants and special for orchids and bromeliads, which are directed towards a sustainable cultivation that helps the environment and your own garden.

Spring is the season of flowers, but it is necessary that you have the right products for your garden to live up to this period, flowering and helping the environment.

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